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Mindfield Produktslider MindLights English

Mindfield® MindLights®


MindLights ® is an audio-visual stimulation system, also known as audio-viaual entertainment or mind-machine, to promote cognitive and emotional states. Its function is based on the stimulation of the central nervous system by special light- and sound signals.  The user wears an LED mask and headphones.

These devices are particularly effective as a means of relaxation, peace, stress reduction and promoting a general balance in the user, which has many positive effects on your wellbeing. Clinical use as a supplement to treatment of symptoms associated with various medical conditions is also becoming ever more common. 

MindLights ® is at the cutting edge of technology and offers users a chance to start immediately due to the automatically generated stimulation programs, tailored to your personal goals. An advanced user has almost unlimited possibilities to adapt MindLights ® stimulations to their own personal requirements.


Uses of Mindlights ®

The Mindfield ® MindLights ® is a health-promoting product for stress relief, deep relaxation and muscle relaxation. It is also proven to help with learning, visualisation and NLP techniques. Many of our customers report a significant improvement in sleep quality.

The psychosomatic effects are comparable to those of autogenic training, but the effects of audiovisual stimulation are, as a rule, faster.


The new york times writes of audiovisual stimulation:  „The uncomplicated and comfortable use of the Mind Machine can help many people to relax. Especially when traditional techniques fail." (The New York Times, 30. January 2003)


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Downloads for MindLights

How Effective is it?

MindLights ® is very easy to use. Other than MindLights ® you require a PC or Laptop. The accompanying software is delivered on a USB stick. The MindLights ® LED mask can be connected to your PC/laptop via a USB port, the headphones connect to the LED mask. Put on the mask and the headphones and allow your inner journey to begin!


System Requirements

  • Systen moftware: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 10, in 32bit and 64bit
    or Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion)

  • Minimum Intel Atom Processor with 1,2 GHz or equivalent

  • Minimum 1024 MB RAM

  • Minimum 500MB free hard drive space (for musik and sessions)

  • A monitor with a resolution of at least 1024x600 pixels

  • A free USB port for the mask a second for the USB stick (optional)

MindLights ® is best used with a Laptop or Netbook.


Delivery Includes

  • MindLights ® USB-Stick incl. software,
    driver & manual (PDF)

  • MindLights ® LED mask

  • MindLights ® headphones

  • MindLights ® manual

  • MindLights ® cleaning wipes

  • MindLights ® case


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