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Selected Neurofeedback Studies

The complete texts of these and all other studies on this homepage can be found on popular search engines (Pubmed, Medline, etc.) but some require a fee. In most universities and libraries, full access is free for guests.


Attention Deficit-/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD(H)D)





Anxiety, Depression

More on Neurofeedback


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Mindfield in the media

eSense at MBReviews



The Mindfield eSense is a small sensor which actively measures the temperature of the skin relying on the body reaction to stress (e.g. the muscles contract, therefore narrowing the blood vessels...

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eSense Pulse is here


eSense Collagen EN

Our new eSense Pulse is here!

The Mindfield eSense Pulse is a small sensor to measure your heart rate variability with your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS).

The heartbeat is related to tension and relaxation and is a potential stress indicator. With the eSense Pulse you can measure and effectively reduce your stress level with biofeedback training.

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Mindfield eSense App!


App Frontpage News

The Mindfield eSense is a small sensor for measuring either skin conduction (Skin Response) or skin temperature (Temperature) with your smartphone or tablet (Apple iOS and Android).

We recommend our eSense app with extended features for free in the Google Play Store (Android), in the Apple App Store (iOS) and in the Amazon Appstore. This app offers the same functions of the former app plus some new feautures as described on the app page in the app stores in a new, fresh design. 

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The MindMaster Devices are Here!



The new Mindfield device concept is based on a newly developed, modular and high-performance biofeedback device.

For Biofeedback (MindMaster Bio), Neurofeedback (MindMaster Neuro) and the combination of both (MindMaster BioNeuro). The devices can be individually configured and adapted or upgraded. Perfectly suited and cost effective for modern biofeedback!

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New MindLights Software 1.4


MindLights1 4 07

A new version 1.4 of the MindLights software is available. Many large and small improvements have been realised, and use has been significantly simplified. Windows 8 is also now supported.

Windows Vista and XP users should continue to use version 1.3, as version 1.4 no longer supports these operating systems.

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