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Mindfield - Your Specialist for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Mindfield® Biosystems Ltd. is a company with a focus on developing innovative technology and software.

We specialize in biofeedback and neurofeedback; modern methods used for the training of a variety of conditions.

Our profile is strengthened by years of experience in the audio-visual stimulation sector (AVS, mind machines / audio-visual entertainment).

This website offers an overview of our products, and the opportunity to contact us or place an order. You will also find further information on neurofeedback and related subjects.



What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a modern, scientifically founded process of training.

With the aid of a computer, physiological processes which are otherwise difficult or impossible to perceive, are registered and thus made manifest and visible. These processes include, for example, muscle tensing, pulse, respiration or temperature.

With neurofeedback, brain activity is measured and registered.

Within the biofeedback process, the trainer can provide the client with a detailed report based on these measurements. The client can use these clear data to learn to influence physiological processes.

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Biofeedback at home with our Mindfield® eSense

All the Mindfield eSense are designed to address the common signs of stress by balancing the nervous system. All eSense are utilizing our sophisticated eSense app. A comprehensive, home based system designed to combat stress and tension and increase calm relaxation. You can also stream the measured data directly to a PC using our SDK and our eSense Dashboard.

However, when it comes to stress and tension, people perceive different stimuli. To maximize the benefit of your home training, select the eSense sensor that meets your needs.

Which eSense is suitable for what?

eSense Pulse

The eSense Pulse helps regulate the nervous system by balancing the crucial dynamic interaction between the heart beat and the breath.

Choose our eSense Pulse Sensor to combat:

  • Racing heartbeat, chest tightness
  • Chronic generalized stress
  • Difficulties relaxing
  • Rapid shallow breathing
  • Low daily energy

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 eSense Respiration

The eSense Respiration trains control and optimization of the breath cycle. The eSense respiration is also used in the peak training of athletes, meditators and musicians.

Consider using the eSense Respiration to improve:

  • Fast shallow breathing
  • Hyperventilation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Train abdominal breathing
  • Balance breath cycle

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Logo eSense Skin Reponse 265

The rapid action eSense Skin Response sensor works to address and combat an over activate fight and flight response, as shown by the sweat levels on the finger tips.

Choose the Skin Response senor to combat these signs of stress:

  • Sweaty hands
  • Anxious, distracted thoughts
  • Agitated mood
  • Low anger threshold
  • Poor Impulse Control

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eSense Temperature

The eSense Temperature is our slow response time sensor, designed to monitor and train the slower physiological aspects of stress. The skin temperature which increases as stress diminishes.

Consider using the eSense Temperature to improve:

  • Cold hands or feet
  • General stress and tension
  • Poor circulation
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Increase depth of meditation

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Mindfield in the media

eSense at MBReviews



The Mindfield eSense is a small sensor which actively measures the temperature of the skin relying on the body reaction to stress (e.g. the muscles contract, therefore narrowing the blood vessels...

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The new eSense App


Main Landscape EN

In addition to the new eSense Respiration part we also have overhauled the eSense Pulse part in the app.

We have introduced a score system as well which helps you to keep track of your training progress.

Besides that we included also more videos, music and procedures as download on demand into the app (currently free, soon to be paid as in-app purchases).


The new eSense Respiration is here


eSense Respiration Collagen EN

Our new eSense Respiration is here!

The Mindfield eSense Respiration is a small sensor to measure your Breath  (Amplitude and Frequency) with your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS).

The Respiration is related to tension and relaxation and is a potential stress indicator. With the eSense Respiration you can measure and effectively reduce your stress level with biofeedback training. The eSens Respiration is extremly suited for beginners becaus Breathing is directly influencable by conscious thought


eSense Skin Response presented in "Mental Toughness for Runners: A Complete Guide"


Michele Ufer: Tells us in his book "Mental Toughness for Runners: A Complete Guide" not only how important our mental toughness is for a runner, but also in which ways we can use different kinds of Biofeedback and Biofeedback-training Highlighted are The Parameters HRV-Biofeedback and the skin conductance or skin resistance. The measurement of the skin conductance is shown with our device eSense Skin Response He emphasizes the usability of such devices, screenshots of the actual app are included, to explain the functionality. The book express his ideas how Boifeedback can help a runner in a practical ready to do way.

eSense Pulse is here


eSense Collagen EN

Our new eSense Pulse is here!

The Mindfield eSense Pulse is a small sensor to measure your heart rate variability with your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS).

The heartbeat is related to tension and relaxation and is a potential stress indicator. With the eSense Pulse you can measure and effectively reduce your stress level with biofeedback training.