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Mindfield Produktslider eSense Muscle English

Mindfield® eSense Muscle | Muscle biofeedback with PC / laptop, Mac, smartphone & tablet

eSense Muscle

General information on EMG (electromyography) biofeedback training

The musculature of the human being plays an essential role in the body. Our muscles are the largest energy consumer and are responsible for about 70- 80% of our body weight. Muscle activity is manifested along the fibers of a striated muscle in the form of permanent, electrical potential shifts. This electrical activity can be measured at the skin surface in the form of more considerable summation potentials. This form of measurement is called (surface) electromyography, and the result is an electromyogram.

The eSense Muscle can measure and train electromyographic muscle activity and transmit it to your computer/smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth.

Transverse striated muscles are controlled by our somatic nervous system and are subject to voluntary control. Every volitional action of a muscle can therefore be observed in an electromyogram. Thus, the tension of a muscle on 27 which surface EMG electrodes are placed immediately leads to increased trace in the EMG signal.

However, involuntary reactions, such as stress, inner tension, and emotional experience, can also be measured as (tonic) activity in the EMG. EMG biofeedback can also report back the general psychophysiological tension.

The interplay between the autonomic and somatic nervous systems can be depicted particularly well in the EMG. Increased muscle tone is mainly based on an increase in sympathetic activity. A decrease can be attributed to more robust parasympathetic activation.


Downloads for the eSense Muscle



Mindfield eSense Web App for Windows, Mac and Linux

The eSense Muscle is being delivered with new software for the first time, a web app that runs exclusively in a browser.

You don't need to install any software. All you need is:

  • A PC / notebook with: Windows 10, Mac or Linux
  • A functioning Bluetooth connection on this PC / notebook, Bluetooth must therefore be available and usable.
  • A browser that supports "Web Bluetooth" so that you can connect to our eSense Muscle via Bluetooth. As of April 2021, these are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera

NOT SUPPORTED are explicitly Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari!

So if you have a computer with Bluetooth and one of the browsers mentioned, please go to the website:


Images of the eSense web app

Muscle Main DE Muscle Main DE Muscle Main DE Muscle Main DE Muscle Main DE Muscle Main DE


Videos of the eSense Web App


Quick User Guide

  • The complete manual can be found on our website under “Biofeedback” => “Products” => “eSense” => “eSense Muscle”. You can also find a demo video on our website. A short instruction comes with the eSense Muscle as well.
  • Take the electrode cable set from the package. Five electrode cables are included. In black, white, yellow, red and green.
  • The yellow electrode cable is the ground / earthing electrode!
  • For a 1-channel measurement, please use the electrodes black (channel 1+), white (channel 1-) and yellow (grounding).
  • For a 2-channel measurement, please use the electrodes black (channel 1+), white (channel 1-), yellow (grounding), red (channel 2+) and green (channel 2-).


Use the eSense Muscle for:

  • Training of your muscles
  • Strengthening of your muscles
  • Relaxation of typical stress muscles (forehead, jaw, shoulder, neck)
  • Reduction of muscle tension
  • Coordination exercises
  • Muscle building


Two examples for a 1-channel measurement

esense Muscle

esense Muscle


An example of a 2-channel measurement

esense Muscle


Who is the eSense suitable for?

  • for private users / home users
  • for professional users (biofeedback trainer)


Scope of delivery of the eSense Muscle:

      • Mindfield® eSense Muscle Sensor incl. 1600mAh lithium polymer battery for approx. 12 hours of continuous operation

      • Electrode cable set for connecting up to 5 electrodes

      • USB-C charging cable and charger

      • Bluetooth dongle for Windows, if your PC does not have Bluetooth (please refer to the enclosed instructions)

      • 50 pieces of EMG surface electrodes

      • 50 pieces of alcohol swabs for cleaning the skin

      • eSense Muscle Web App from Mindfield, available at

      • Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training.


esense Muscle Stressmanagement Gerät


Technical details

      • 2-channel EMG biofeedback device

      • Bluetooth 5.0 transmission to PC or smartphone / tablet (Android and iOS)

      • Built-in Li-Ion battery 1600mAh for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted operation

      • 2 bipolar EMG inputs (CH1 +, CH1-, CH2 +, CH2-), 1 x analog ground

      • 2 multifunction buttons for operating the device

      • 1 RGB LED to display the operating status

      • 24 bit ADC and preamplifier for each channel, native sampling with 2 kHz per channel

      • 3 Bandpass filter (Bessel, 8th order) per channel. -3dB. Limit frequencies: BP1: 20..950Hz, BP2: 20..300Hz, BP3: 100..200Hz

      • RMS calculation and moving average over 0.5 seconds. Decimation to 100 RMS samples per second

      • 200mV differential measuring range per channel

      • 0.024 μV ADC Resolution per LSB

      • < 1.7 μV RMS Noise BP1

      • < 1.3 μV RMS Noise BP2

      • < 0.8 μV RMS Noise BP3

      • Channel 1 and 2 CMRR at 50Hz and 60Hz: better -105dB

      • Protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD) up to + -15kV according to the "Human Body Model", IEC 1000-4-2, Air-Gap Discharge

      • HF-Filter

      • Operating mode: continuous operation

      • Measurement accuracy EMG amplifier / ADC, amplification: ± 5% basic accuracy, ± 0.2% after calibration, bandpass lower and upper limit frequency: ± 0.1%, sampling frequency: better than ± 0.1% (Resonator)

      • Operating range: 5-40 ° C, <= 95% relative humidity

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