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Mindfield® eSense Skin Response

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Biofeedback with the eSense Skin Response!

The Mindfield eSense Skin Response is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance using the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS).


Skin Conductance / Skin Response

Skin response, also known as galvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR) or skin conductance (SC) is a method for measuring the skin's electrical conductance, which varies with its moisture level. Conductance is measured in µSiemens (µS) and is the inverse of electrical resistance.

The eSense Skin Response measures skin conductance between two Velcro electrodes attached to the index- and middle fingers. Active measurement involves applying a very low, unnoticeable voltage to the fingers.


Significance of Skin Conductance and Biofeedback-Training

In a professional, therapeutic context, skin conductance training is the preferred biofeedback training method for anxiety, panic and learning relaxation.

The sweat glands are controlled by the vegetative (sympathetic) nervous system and react directly to the smallest emotional, physical or mental changes. A rise in skin conductance is clearly visible under the influence of stress. Stress factors may be, for example, mental activity, emotional arousal, deep inhalation or frightening.

Even the smallest changes are made visible with the aid of the app, and can be used for biofeedback training to reduce stress.

detailed introduction is included in the free app.


Downloads of eSense Skin Response


Download our eSense App

Previous eSense App (for older devices)

This app is free and included with every eSense, it provides all features as described on this page. We recommend this especially with older devices. With this you can already do biofeedback training.

App Store EN Play Store EN Amazon EN

The free eSense iOS app is not supported by iOS 11 anymore. 
Please use the new universal app instead under iOS 11.


New eSense universal app from Mindfield

We recommend our new designed eSense app with extended features for free in the Google Play Store (Android) or in the Apple App Store (iOS). This app offers the same functions of the former app plus some new feautures as described on the app page in the app stores in a new, fresh design.

App Store EN Play Store EN Amazon EN


Quick User Guide

  • When you buy the eSense skin response you can download our free app from the App Store (Apple®) or Google Play (Android).
    (You can also download it in advance, but the app can not be effectively used without the sensor)
  • Fix the two velcro electrodes around your index- and middle fingers.
  • Combine the eSense Skin Response with the microphone jack of your mobile device, and with the velcro electrodes.
  • Start the app and click "Start", the measurements will begin.
  • Please carefully read the instructions within the app to get the best out of biofeedback training.
  • Have fun with the eSense Skin Response!
  • P.S. You can re-order velcro electrodes in our shop, but they are durable and can be re-used many times.


Which iOS Devices are Supported?

  • Apple® iPhone® from 4S

  • Apple® iPad® from 2nd Generation

  • Apple® iPod touch® from 5th Generation


Which Android Devices are Supported?

  • All Android Smartphones and Tablets from 4.0
  • Your Android device requires a 3,5mm jack (headphone jack) for external microphones!
  • If you plan on purchasing a device for using the eSense, we suggest the Amazon Fire 7 as an affordable tablet.


Is there a way to extend the cord of the eSense?

  • If you wish to use a longer cord between the eSense and your smartphone or tablet, you can extend the original cord of the eSense with a common, 4-pin, 3,5mm jack headset extension cord. We have tested 3 cords that have worked:
  • 2m cord: http://amzn.to/2kJwqBM
  • 0,5m cord: http://amzn.to/2kKEONs
  • 110cm cord: http://amzn.to/2jJg1LZ
  • All three suggested cords cost between £ 6-8 and are available f.i. from Amazon. Alternatively you should be able to use other 4-pin cords as well.


Included in Delivery

  • Mindfield® eSense Skin Response Sensor

  • 2 velcro electrodes

  • Free app from Mindfield via the App Store or Googly Play.

  • Extensive instructions for effective training.


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Screenshots of the new eSense App 2016


Technical Data

  • Measurement at 10 Hz (10 values per second).

  • Five values per second (averaged) is stored in the app and can be exported as a CSV file via e-mail.

  • Resolution: 18bit, rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point. Not rounded for export to CS

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Attention: Never use the eSense Skin Response while you charge your iOS/Android device! 

The eSense Temperature does not need any batteries and is your iOS/Android device.


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