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WillkommenMindfield® Biosystems Ltd. is a young, dynamic enterprise focusing on the development of medical technology and software. Since 2003, we've been developing and designing products for health care, therapy and wellness.

Our area of expertise lies in biofeedback and neurofeedback, which are advanced methods of behavioral medical treatment for various symptoms and illnesses. Our profile is supplemented by long-term experience in the development of audio-visual stimulation devices, or mind machines. You can find detailed information about our products on our web site. You also have the opportunity to purchase them in our online store. Furthermore, you can find comprehensive information about neurofeedback, biofeedback and related subjects.

What do you mean by...?


Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, describes a method of altering brain activity through self-conditioning. During neurofeedback, the user's brain waves are measured by an EEG-device. Specialized software records and processes the data and then reports it back to the user either acoustically or visually. Through this immediate feedback, the user is enabled to actively modify his brain activity to help with various medical conditions.

Contact Information

Mindfield Biosystems Ltd.
Bogenstr. 11
D-14169 Berlin
Office +49 (0)30 319 80 268
Fax: +49 (0)30 812 96 145


Januar 2014 | Die Master Geräte sind da!
Endlich sind sie da! Die neuen Master Geräte sind ab sofort verfügbar!
Mindfield Master

Das neue Mindfield Gerätekonzept basiert auf einem neu entwickelten, modularen und leistungsfähigem Biofeedbackgerät. Es besteht aus drei Produktlinien, für Biofeedback (BioMaster), Neurofeedback (NeuroMaster) und die Kombination aus beidem (MindMaster). Die Geräte lassen sich individuell konfigurieren und auf- bzw. umrüsten. Perfekt abgestimmt und kosteneffizient für modernes Biofeedback!

Laden Sie hier unseren Prospekt als PDF herunter!

July 2013 | New MindLights Software 1.4
We released a new version 1.4 of the MindLights Software. Several new features and bugfixes are implemented. Windows 8 support is included.

Users of Windows Vista and XP please continue to use version 1.3, as these operating systems are not supported anymore by version 1.4.

You can download the MindLights Software here for free.

May 2013 | The eSense: now including auditory feedback!
The Mindfield eSense is a small sensor, either for measuring your skin response or skin temperature with your smartphone or tablet (Apple iOS and Android).
New: The eSense has an extra headphone jack now, for auditory biofeedback in addition to the visual feedback features!
A free app is included. Biofeedback as simple as never before!
Mindfield eSense
August 2012 | The MindLights reviewed by CraigT AVS Blog

Our new Mind Machine for audio-visual stimulation: MindLights!

Read the review by CraigT AVS blog!